This page is titled ‘Investment,’ because working with a dietitian is exactly that: an investment in your health. I help clients lose weight and gain energy, improve athletic performance, control cravings and emotional eating, support healthy pregnancies, build healthy families and reduce risk of health problems.

Please review my available packages, then read how it works, what you get and why it’s worth investing when you’re ready to make a change.

*Know me? Ask about my friends and family discount.
*Previous clients get 20% off all future nutrition services.

    • Basic Package
    • $249
    • 60 minute initial consultation
    • Customized nutrition plan
    • 5-day meal plan
    • One follow-up session
    • Unlimited email support
    • Premium Package
    • $449
    • 60 minute initial consultation
    • Customized nutrition plan
    • 10-day meal plan
    • Monthly follow-up sessions
    • Unlimited email support
    • Deluxe Package
    • $849
    • 60 minute initial consultation
    • Customized nutrition plan
    • 21-day meal plan
    • Monthly follow-up sessions
    • Unlimited email support

Other services:
    • Grocery Store Tour
    • $100
    • 45-minute store tour
    • Grocery list of recommended foods
    • Sample meal prep plan
    • Healthy shopping tips
    • Private Group Workshop
    • $25 per person
    • Group discussion & tips
    • Sample meal plan distributed
    • Grocery list and recipes distributed
    • Discount on future packages
    • One-hour Speaking Fee
    • $200-$1,800*
    • Engaging presentation on the topic of your choice
    • *Based on travel and content development
    • One-hour Culinary Demo
    • $300*
    • Hands-on culinary demo on the topic of your choice
    • *not including material reimbursement

My group workshop is available to any private group looking for a fun, informative and engaging workshop with a nutrition expert. Gather your friends, ask questions and get the resources you need! I speak to groups of friends, book clubs, mommy groups and more.

How it Works

Choose your package from the options above and click ‘Sign Up’ to book an appointment. Once I hear from you, we’ll set a date and time for your initial consultation so you can get started immediately.

Do you see clients in person or over the phone? I work with clients over the phone and via video platforms like Face Time and Skype.

I’m not sure I want to commit to one month. Do you offer a one-time only appointment? If you truly want to invest in your health, you’ll need to see a dietitian more than once. Remember, you’re making permanent behavior changes that will stand the test of time. The first month is a critical time for behavior change, which is why I built the one-month package as a minimum. As you integrate these changes into your life and encounter potential setbacks and doubts, you’ll be most successful with an expert guiding you every step of the way.

Think of the one-time-only and continuous services that you currently use. You may see a masseuse to feel better for a few days. Don’t see a dietitian to feel better for a few days! Nutrition counseling is like physical therapy or mental health counseling: repeated visits are essential to achieve your goals, build new behaviors and make lifelong changes.

What You Get

Initial consultation: We’ll identify your health goals and discuss current habits, challenges, what’s worked in the past (and what hasn’t) and your specific food and lifestyle preferences. I’ll also review a preliminary food log and any available lab data. Then I’ll create a nutrition action plan that you begin immediately, which encompasses your immediate, middle- and long-term goals.

Follow-up appointment(s): The follow-up is all about troubleshooting: what’s going well and what isn’t. We’ll tweak your action plan so it fits perfectly into your life at work and home, and we’ll continue to adjust your plan as you see results.

The customized nutrition plan is your personalized nutrition portfolio, which will contain information like:

  • your daily goals for calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber
  • your weekly goals for exercise
  • a daily meal plan tailored to your specific food preferences
  • a customized grocery list and shopping tips
  • tips and choices for dining out

You also get unlimited email support for the duration of your package, plus text support and additional resources to support your goals.

Existing clients get 20% off all future nutrition services.

The Financial Side

Is this worth the investment? Absolutely, and let me tell you why. People often underestimate the price of nutrition counseling because there are so many unqualified people talking about nutrition and weight loss online. For free. The internet is a black hole of pseudo-science and non-experts sharing their stories.

Except…nutrition is not a fluff field. It’s rooted in biology, chemistry, anatomy and research. Just as flying in an airplane doesn’t make you a pilot, losing weight doesn’t make you a nutrition expert. Please, don’t take nutrition advice from bloggers, trainers, life coaches, nutritionists (without the dietitian credential) or anyone other than a registered/licensed dietitian or medical physician.

Consider this:

  • People spend thousands of dollars on weight loss products, medications and support groups. Prescription weight loss drugs range from $120-300/month, and support groups start at $200.
  • Expecting moms spend hundreds of dollars on newborn photography and the best baby gear to keep their children safe and soothed, yet we can all agree that a healthy pregnancy and baby are most important of all.
  • Athletes spend thousands on bikes and gear to trim weight but forget that the body is their best piece of equipment and must be fueled properly to perform well.

Pay for the expert. Lose weight once. Make a long-term investment in your health. I can help you fuel your body properly and build a lifestyle that you love and can stick with for good.

Still not sure if it’s worth it? Check out my Client Testimonials.

What kind of payment do you accept? I accept payment in cash, check or card at the time of service. I also help clients build payment plans to accommodate their financial needs.

Are you covered by insurance? I don’t accept insurance, but I can provide clients with a Superbill to submit for insurance claim reimbursement.